State Run LP

by State Run

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Recorded at the Arches, Cardiff with Jim Le Take on a 16-track 1/2" tape machine. Released by State Run Records on black vinyl, press of 300, still in print.


released April 1, 2007

J. Mohajer, N. Anderson, N. Russell, T. Vaughan



all rights reserved


Facel Vega Porthcawl, UK

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Track Name: Brave New World
I feel so disconnected from all I see,
An orphan to this "brave new world",
Lock myself behind shielding doors,
Confined with only my head to hold.
Dissolved in a fear of pain,
Ignorance and I locked away,
Until a day when I feel prepared,
To accept a world I'll never be a part of.

Brave New World
Bleak, deprived, details merge, undefined.
Brave New World
In cattle drives we form the line and march towards to our end/[death].

I feel like we neglected opportunities,
Snatching hands with mouths to feed,
The frustration boils and guilt burns inside,
There was a time when I didn't feel this way.
Can't explain the disappointment,
Can't explain the root or cause.
I'm screaming at you- can't you hear me?
What we knew is gone. I've been lost for too long.

The ants crawled like disease into my home, I felt their sting as a constant drone that numbed my senses like a shell. Held down by these bold statues of authority, These statues of my own design- figments of my mind, So hard to overcome, I give in everytime. Everytime.
The world outside is different now, since the statues laid their foundation down, the birds nor landscapes make a sound, the sky polluted with a darker cloud, Like lost films and purged memories I lost my place, with no trace, I vanished then reappeared but didn't recognise the taste, of freedom now, for it was tainted by the enslaved. Every day starts and ends the same.

Brave new world,
You took away what was mine,
Replaced it with a design for an imitation life,
If we could speak then we could be freed,
And I would feel no shame.
Track Name: Growing
I dreamt of finding clarity
With the answers becoming clear to me
And that I finally found a purpose and meaning
I dream of value

But even my dream grew corrupt,
As the details emerged from my world airbrushed,
And it made me think when I woke up
[Of all the] half-truths my world is built on

Aesthetically subversive
The ones we curse are the same we bless
Defeated, trodden down,
How will the disease manifest itself next?

We gained ahead then lagged behind
And got caught in the traps that plague our kind
There comes a time when you feel too tired to survive
Cowards- not heroes.

The symptoms of our defeat,
Tired eyes, no breath to bleat,
Cling to past, It happens too fast
We're growing older and growing up
Track Name: For The Sake
Suck hard on the lies that'll cost you your life
Submit yourself to an industry built on death.
"Your not fit to yell for freedom
if you choose to give up your own."

For the sake of something that destroys
your body, the environment, animals tortured by "research"
And you're gratifying murderers
For the millions of families they've burned a hole through

Every time that cloud of poison fills your lungs
You transcend further from the person you once were
it's not just a cancer growing in your chest
It's the catastrophic pang of guilt

A choice,
The slaughtered lives in your name!
The merchants of death demand of you the same
Some fucking rebellion.
Track Name: Break The Frame
They're building lives around their nine-to-fives
I'd rather mine on the edge of a knife
where at least when I fall I can feel somethings wrong
and put an instant end to this constant fall

Somewhere, I think, the kids must be sick
of such a lonely and meaningless town
and somewhere I think, in another box of bricks
another breathes dreams of tearing it down

They're building lives around their nine-to-fives
I'd rather mine on the edge of a knife,
Moving my way on a blade, through a world that I hate
and I'm prepared for the time when I break

I feel caged
Break the frame, break the frame
routined days and a taste mundane
fall away, fall away
Track Name: Icon
Take a human, place upon a pedestal,
Offer obscene amounts of money in exchange for dignity.
The ultimate gameshow.
How much is your privacy worth to you?
How much is your life worth to you?
Humiliate and violate,
The depraved strip you nude.
More than you bargained for?
Or are you satisfied with what you are?
A puppet on a wire,
An icon for the blind.

You've got a six figure bank account,
And that's all that counts,
These parasites have the right to intrude into your life,
That was part of the deal when you signed to make yourself a product.
Track Name: Excuse
I hate myself, because I can see what's happening.
While we're prancing about on stage,
Putting on a show for the paying audience,
Singing about "scene politics",
Talking about selling out,
You're living the real-fucking-deal
Struggling every day to survive

But we're happy to turn the blind eye
And carry on our comfortable lives
Immersed in a world that can't feel/[understand] your pain
Your family rotting in mass graves- just constitutes our refrain
Your fucked up reality is just a selling point for us.
Track Name: Jerusalem
Is not proud,
Is not allowed,
Milk, honey, military funding,
Another's land for another's money

In Amongst, they're homeless
Jereusalem built upon corpses dust
In Amongst the soulless
Peasants screaming, "their borders crossed us"

"Their borders crossed us"
Track Name: Industry
We watch landscape sights become landfill sites
nations debate over recycling waste whilst
bombs overseas pour like acid rain
from nuclear skies- all for economic gain
but did government lies ever change?
armchair politics could never attain
the progress we need, the changes to make.
Convenience fuels the humans race

If this is what progression means:
our future is the cemetry
Id sooner live in quarentine
Than with this sick humanity

the masses commute; their gasses pollute
rainforests keel over to produce fast food
in orderly queues, you wait to consume
whilst friendly fronts obstruct from view
the real cost to which your apathy owes
its you who'll reap the seeds you've sewn
when carelessness takes its toll
we all will reap the seeds you've sewn
Track Name: Smokescreen
Wars have been fought minorities crushed,
And the government's shown it's devotion,
To power, greed, the corporate need,
And distanced itself from human emotion,
The spinning wheels on which we're forced to weave,
Reality becoming harder to perceive.

What remained of our humanity was truly culled,
By instutions that nailed us to lives we hate
And every day I step outside to watch
the smoke from the machines accumulate
The false cities we built on flaccidity
The death that creeps in before we've taken our first breath

I've got this pair of hands at the ends of my arms
I know they're capable but I'm not sure what of
A balance struck between new and old,
In our collective struggle I/We fight alone
The liberties we take to save their souls
To guide the blind into the darkest cave we've known.

A black sky haunted this kingdom of thieves but now
[The] smoke clears to reveal the gleam of beauty behind the veil
Abundant and free, finally we see
Unobstructed, uncorrupted we breathe
A purer source than we have grown [up] to know
Cherished lives, forgotten plights a guise I can call my own

It's getting thicker,
Blinded by fear.
Track Name: Please Don't Eat Me
As the light fades out to bitter cold night
I'm ripe for slaughter now, tear out my insides
Led away for consumption, but first for torture,
Murdered with no investigation; no lawyer, no courtroom,
Not a bat of an eyelid, when you see my dead body,
Frozen and packaged, another item in the trolley,
Take me home then thaw me out, I'll wind up on your plate
Smile and laugh innocently as you digest my remains.
Making life taste better? Not for me you fucking don't!
Lock me up from birth, so I'll never know freedom.
Every little helps? of course it does!
Nibble every last insel of my flesh off the bone!

Things weren't much better during my life
Cooped up in a cage, with 20 square inches to survive
Never roamed in the field nor basked under the sun
My entire life amounts to serving human tastebuds
What's more when you humans face discontent
you can lash out and fight back and reap your revenge
But blindeyed and drowsy we are walked to the slaughter
Unable to protest, no choice, no voice, no justice.
cant wait to be that sausage, my life's so fulfilling!
if only there was a way we could avoid all the killing..
to you it's justified and passed off as sanity
Try and understand THIS IS MY REALITY
born, bread, fed, lead into this world to slave and die
passed off as inable, now no-one heres me ask "why?"

Human tradition has condemned me to this fate
Eat with a forced-silent conscience
Now nothing will compensate..
My loss of life, lost so through complacency
I never harmed you so please dont eat me

Everything is fine from where your standing
But your lacking facts, your lacking understanding
We're not treated as the stars you see in the films
You try being shat on, locked up, force-fed pills