Paralysis 7"

by State Run

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Recorded at the Arches, Cardiff with Jim Le Take to 8-track 1/4" tape. Released by Rat Patrol Records (Ystrad, Rhondda, South Wales) on black vinyl, limited to 200.


released April 1, 2006

J. Mohajer, N. Anderson, N. Russell, T. Vaughan



all rights reserved


Facel Vega Porthcawl, UK

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Track Name: Recite
I got caught up in the web of lies again
Imprisoned by these poison words
Choking on all the shit forced-fed to me
Can't help wondering what is real now
Even if you could take it back again
I'm not sure that I could forgive you
The backward steps we take have walked us back to days
That I thought we were meant to learn from

And I cant help but feel cheated
To know that this life was never real.

I could have sworn was true
A world of lies
Drowning in deprivation
Track Name: Drags
I refuse to spend my life
Locked in rooms from 9 – 5
reflects of a docile dream
blind to worlds that could’ve been
and years of giving all I own
my time, my thoughts, my heart, my soul
exchanged for their future, their gain, their pay
I refuse to go today

I wont depend on your money
I wont depend on you

I refuse to spend my time
living a life that isn’t mine
a life devout to someone else
a fool to echoes of hope in wealth
keep working and never thinking twice
of skeletons of a former life
I refuse to be your slave
I refuse to go today
Track Name: Bureaucrats And Thugs
The term 'collective' is now dead.
Murdered by the socially elite
School bullies on a power trip.
A system where we're all put in our place.

The rebellion has been overthrown
By the bureaucrats and thugs
Decked out in their uniform;
Change or face exclusion.

Stand now before the jury
The right hair, the right clothes,
The right records, the right friends,
Your worth judged on 'who you know'.

Track Name: Privatised
Your ideas of freedom
Don't sound free to me
Governed by desires
And faith in fallacy
Thrust into the melee
Straight from your birth
Ozone holes and radioactive zones
Man's contribution to earth

Born into a world that's privatised

While you swallow poisoned food
And you choke on toxic fumes
Just remember who's to blame
Locked in routine, paralysed
Engulfed in concrete and blackened skies
Birth, death, Ball-chain
Track Name: Decay
Concrete paths to concrete walls
Where concrete birds sing concrete songs
Realistic cities drop realistic bombs
From here to there, right to wrong
All the action! mirrored on a big blue screen
Catching start to end, so whats in between?
A little more than we are meant to see
Outside of our clean cut sterilized dream

If your world began to decay
Would you let it slip away?
If your actions controlled a change,
Is there something more you could say?

Amongst Colgate white teeth and shoddy paved streets, he fell asleep; awoke? He dreamed of endless roads hosting endless shops, of endless streetlights and parking lots. No pervert windows or naked doors; some bricks, a screen and nothing more. No pastures green, no “what does it mean?' it was simple now: cut it well - Cut it clean.